Biodegradable sunglasses made from bio-based materials.

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Biodegradable sunglasses

Welcome the new class of 2022 – Bio-Acetate.

Same messy sunnies, new sustainable materials

We've taken four of our all-time most loved models and made a collection of bio-acetate sunglasses. The frames are Italian Mazzucchelli M49 and are made from cellulose acetate, a bio-based material that is both biodegradable and compostable

So what does bio-acetate actually mean?

Bio-acetate, cellulose acetate, bio-based. We get it, it's a little confusing. Let's simplify it. If a product is bio-based, it means that the materials come from a natural and renewable origin. M49 – the same material our collection is made of – comes from natural wood fibres, cotton seeds and wood pulp. In fact, M49 is made of cellulose acetate and a plasticizer of vegetable origin. When combined, they form this bio-based material, perfect for quality crafted bio-acetate sunglasses.

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